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Your submissions wanted!

If you’re here, you probably like travelling. And you probably have a few travel stories under your belt. We’d love to hear them.

We’re looking for new pieces of writing to help tell the human side of travel.

What you need to do

If you’ve got an idea for an article or story, please get in touch. We’d also love to see your photography, exploring different faces and characters around the world.

Either email or use the form below to send us your pitch in a paragraph. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

What are we looking for?

We want to hear abut your unique travel stories involving people. Meeting people, learning about people, falling out with people, connecting with people - and how this has formed a part of your travel experience.

Maybe you were on a summer holiday. Sand between your toes; the smell of suncream on your fingers. Long and lazy days of nothingness on the beach. And then you were approached by someone who altered your outlook forever.

Or maybe you were on a street food odyssey, weaving through endless mysterious backstreets of a big, heaving city. Maybe you got food poisoning and maybe you saw a doctor who was like nobody you’ve ever met before.

We want stories about meeting local people, about getting your worldview questioned, about cultural differences and about losing things in translation. We want stories about cowboys, witches, guides, shamans, teachers, doctors, traders, musicians and nomads. About whoever. About the human side of travel.

What we can offer

At this stage of the magazine’s life we can’t pay contributors and we don’t pay ourselves either. What we can offer is the opportunity to have your writing and photography enjoyed all over the world by like-minded travelers and for you to be a part in growing the magazine. If you’re happy to continue on this basis, we would love to read or see the tale you have to tell.

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